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**Important Notice** ACT 314 - HB 369 Louisiana Trucking Research & Education Council

Effective August 01, 2019 under ACT 314 - HB 369 of the 2019 Legislative session - all trucks and trailers with a GVWR in excess of 23,999 lbs will imposed a surcharge of $15.00 for initial and annual registration to fund the Louisiana Trucking Research & Education Council. 

Please refer to link for additional information:

HVUT Proof of Payment Requirement

The 2018-19 HVUT proof of payment (Form 2290 Schedule 1) will be accepted to process renewals or supplements until August 31, 2019.                 September 03, 2019 will begin the requirement of the 2019-20 HVUT proof of payment (Form 2290 Schedule 1). 

Form 2290 Schedule

The Form 2290 Schedule 1 must have a received, paid, or E-file stamp to be accepted.

VIN Numbers and 2290 Schedule

The VIN number(s) on the Form 2290 Schedule 1 must match the vehicle(s) being registered and must be in the owner’s name.

IRP Payments

IRP payments can be made by cash, money orders, cashier’s check or certified check.  Credit card payments online will be accepted soon.

UCR Payments

2019 UCR Registration has started as of January 2, 2019 and can be completed on new website: 


Please access the link provided below for up to date UCR fees for 2019:

To ensure compliance in other jurisdictions and provinces 2019 UCR registration must be completed by enforcement date of May 1, 2019.     





Trip Permit Vendors

Louisiana 48 Hour Trip Permits may be purchased by contacting one of the Wire Service Companies on this list.

Louisiana Tow Truck Policy

Louisiana Tow Truck Policy - For more information please visit this link

FRP Updates

FRP PLAN AND DISTANCE - Beginning in 2015, IRP accounts with expiration date 12/31/14 and after will show all jurisdictions and provinces under the IRP plan on issued cab card(s).

All jurisdictions and provinces will be implementing the (FRP) FULL RECIPROCITY PLAN into their programming.

For more information about FRP please visit IRP Online Org website:

USDOT Number Updates

IMPORTANT-Effective March 2014 - USDOT Number updates are no longer required every 12 months. Bi-annual updates are required and can be processed online at:


Charter Busses

Charter buses engaged in interjurisdictional operation are subject to the requirements of the USDOT, International Fuel Tax Agreement (IFTA), and Unified Carrier Registration (UCR).

Charter Bus Exemption

Effective January 1, 2016 the IRP Plan removes the exemption for charter buses. All IRP jurisdictions will start registering charter buses if they travel interstate to other IRP jurisdictions.